Before you Order, Please Read our FAQ's -- Available on 04/12/2010


What is a MLPPP Internet Connection?

Multilink PPP is a communications protocol that enables a personal computer
to use more than one PPP connection together.

Why use an MLPPP Internet Plan over a conventional DSL or Cable connection?

MLPPP enables multiple connections which increase bandwidth and redundancy up to 4 X’s.
It also allows for higher upload to download ratios over conventional DSL and Cable connections.


Is an MLPPP Internet connection more reliable than 1 regular DSL or Cable connection?


With up to 4 times the redundancy of a regular connection we like to think so. If one connection
goes down the active remaining connections will be used.


Does MLPPP support encrypted anonymous web browsing?

Yes, with our ssh tunnelling and openVPN service you can anonymously surf the net while all traffic is encrypted. Both our SSH Tunnels and OpenVPN accounts are included free of charge with all of our High Speed MLPPP service plans.


How many DSL connections can you bond?


Acanac can provide up to four connections working together for ultimate bandwidth, uploads and redundancy.

How are all the DSL connections bonded together?


Acanac can provide you with an MLPPP router which allows up to 4 DSL modems to bond together.


Do I need a modem for each connection?


Yes each DSL line needs its own modem which can be provided by Acanac (for a fee) or you can use your own modems.

How many DSL connections do I need?


Depending on the package you choose 2, 3 or 4 connections would be provided by Acanac.


Is there an additional fee for the MLPPP Router?

Yes a $75.00 fee will apply.

Are the speeds advertised guaranteed?


Please be aware not all areas support max speeds. The closer you are to the CO the faster speeds you will get. If you are not happy with the speeds we will be happy to honour our no hassle 30 day monthly back guarantee.

How long does it take to setup an MLPPP Internet Service Plan?


Our regular DSL setup time is roughly 7 days. Although MLPPP DSL packages can be setup within that time frame due to some technical issues we recommend up to 14 days to setup.


Can I use my own equipment?

Yes you can use your own equipment although we don’t recommend it unless you are very technical. All our equipment comes preprogrammed to take out all the guesswork.

I only have one phone line how can I use this service?

Most apartments and homes have multiple pairs of wires coming in from the central phone box (dmark) to each jack. This means you may need to add additional jacks for each extra line. For homes and apartments that don’t have multiple lines already installed you would have to run additional inside wiring for each DSL connection. Please note any inside wiring (additional jacks) is the responsibility of the DSL client. If you wish for us to add additional wiring or jacks an additional fee may apply.

All your MLPPP packages have different pricing depending on “dry loop" and “no dry loop” options. What’s the difference?

A “dry loop” is a DSL connection with no active phone line. A connection with DSL that has an active phone line would be considered “no dry loop”. Here’s an example: let’s say you have one active phone line in the house and you wanted to sign up for the 10 Meg MLPPP connection. You would choose the “one dry loop” 10 Meg plan. If you had two active phone lines you would choose “no dry loop" 10 Meg plan. If you had no active phone lines you would chose “two dry loops”. Please call or email our sales staff if you’re not sure, since choosing the correct plan is critical to have your MLPPP connection installed correctly.

Is MLPPP for everyone?


An MLPPP Internet service connection is easy to setup as long as you use our preprogrammed equipment. You may potentially incur additional setup fees for inside wiring. If you use your equipment and do your own wiring no such fee's will apply. Installation if fairly straight forward as long as you have some basic technical knowledge.

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